The benefits of Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of everybody’s favourite drinks – young children and adults alike, in the company of friends and family always enjoy a cup with an intense aroma, containing many ingredients which enhance its taste.

Benefits of hot chocolate.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of consuming this drink:

  1. Source of calcium: Studies have shown that the consumption of chocolate allows the body to obtain the calcium it requires and for bones to function properly.
  2. Reduces the risk of heart attacks: Another incredible benefit is that regular consumption reduces the risk of a heart attack.
  3. Reduces stress: Another benefit is stress reduction, thanks to the rich antioxidant content of hot chocolate. A person that suffers stress may notice a reduction in tension when the drink hot chocolate.
  4. Reduces inflammation: Studies show that drinking hot chocolate helps reduce inflammation, especially fluid retention.
  5. Better company: in general we always share a cup of hot chocolate in the company of others, a perfect excuse to spend time with family or friends while we chat.
  6. Complemented by food: hot chocolate is the perfect drink to go with churros or buñuelos made in Valencia, at any time of day.