Buñuelos (fritters)

Valencian Buñuelos

Although Valencian Buñuelos are known across Spain as a local delicacy for the Fallas celebrations, they are delicious recipe that can be enjoyed at the best horchaterías all year round.

We have to explore their origins and history to understand why this exquisite tradition is still with us.

Valencian Buñuelos: History.

We can say that the first people to consume this fantastic food was a society known as morisca, a very humble people from the southern half on the Iberian peninsula. According to records, to earn a living these people mainly sold their products, and eventually we know that Valencians adopted it because of its taste and easy preparation, and managed to spread it throughout the entire territory, establishing it as an important tradition.
Buñuelos are a typical dish internationally, especially in Spanish-speaking countries.

But why are these buñuelos so special? Experts in gastronomy claim that the secret lies in the ingredients, particularly wheat flour, the time they are left in the oil, the time they are left to settle and the method of preparation of the dough.

This traditional buñuelo has also led to the creation of new varieties, such as pumpkin, fig, vanilla, horchata and even orange buñuelos.

Now you understand why the taste is so incredible!